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Become a smarter green entrepreneur while drinking your coffee or commuting, with these 10 free brief & hands-on advice from successful green entrepreneurs.

With this best-of of the first season of Mission First podcast, you will learn more about how to fund your company, inspire and build a thriving team, create popular products, have a bigger impact and get more clients with efficient growth and communication strategies.

In total, this is 12 hours 50 minutes of interviews condensed in 10 audio episodes of less than 10 minutes

These advice come from 10 entrepreneurs, like Captain Paul Watson (Sea Shepherd) or Lubomila Jordanova (Plan A), who have all built prosperous companies in greentech, circular economy, edtech, sustainable fashion, or established NGOs. They have shared how they overcame their biggest challenges and now you have the opportunity to receive a selection of their best recommendations.

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Why for me?

You know that feeling as an entrepreneur:

  • you love to learn but your time is limited
  • you don’t like general tips from advisors who have not walked the talk
  • you prefer hands-on advice from those who have done it
Can you relate to that?
This is why I decided to summarize the best pieces of advice from my first season of Mission First in very short podcast episodes that you can listen to while commuting or enjoying your coffee.

What is it about?

This is the best-of from the first season of Mission First, the podcast-masterclass to learn from successful entrepreneurs changing the world for the better!

In Mission First, I interview entrepreneurs with a company mission related to the Sustainable Development Goals 2030.

They have built successful companies: they have passed the first 3 years, have more than 15 employees, and are either already profitable, either growing exponentially with funding rounds backing them, either well-established NGOs.

In every interview we discuss during one to two hours of their challenges and what they learned. We tackle topics like funding, growth and business strategy, innovation and product development, leadership and recruiting.

In which format?

Normally every episode lasts between 1h to 2h, so the first season is 12 hours 50 minutesΒ in total.

I took 10 of the best hands-on tips and condensed them in 10 audio episodes of less than 10 minutes.

You can listen to them one episode per day or all at once, you choose what you prefer after you signup here below.

What am I going to learn?

Here are some of the things you will learn in these 10 short podcast episodes:Β 

βœ… How to find and identify the right investors for your company and make the pitch relevant to them

βœ… How to win clients by pitching with an environmental mission + How to sell your first pilots to big clients and start a new market

βœ… The key ROI that most of CEO’s forget + how to learn efficiently about climate change

βœ… How to empower your employees with the holacracy system and by using transparency, flexibility, and accountability

βœ… How to get a Ted talk and how to prepare it (from episode 05)

βœ… How many times should you iterate before giving up and what are the 3 main types of startup categories in which VCs invest most often (from episode 09)

βœ… How to hire the right people for your team and to optimize your selection process with an hospitation phase

βœ… Community, Social Media, & Product development: build a community with them, not for them

βœ… PR tips: use the media’s nature to your own advantageΒ 

Who are these green entrepreneurs sharing their advice?

This best-off comes from interviews with 10 entrepreneurs whoΒ have builtΒ successful companies: they have passed the first 3 years, have more than 15 employees, and are either already profitable, either growing exponentially with funding rounds backing them, either well-established NGO’s:

βœ… Captain Paul Watson from Sea Sheperd (NGO, sea protection)

βœ… Lubomila Jordanova from Plan A (greentech)

βœ…Β Robert Schrimpf from Solar for Schools (solar & edtech)

βœ… Maayke Aimee Damen from Excess Materials Exchange (circular economy)

βœ…Β Christoph Berger from Vilisto (greentech)

βœ… Franziska Schmid from Junge TΓΌftler (edtech)Β 

βœ…Β Vaitea Cowan from Enapter (greentech)

βœ…Β Jeff Kirschner from Litterati (greentech)

βœ… Maren Hjorth Bauer from Fynd Ocean Ventures and Katapult Ocean (funding)

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