Here are a few examples of my successful track record in growth including marketing, product management, sales, entrepreneurship, and R&D.

As a CMO: exceeding hypergrowth revenue targets with a positive ROAS and hiring the right team to scale up

As the CMO of iMusician Digital AG, I was hired to internationalise the company in 6 languages and to reach hypergrowth revenue targets while keeping a positive ROAS to maximize cashflow.


22% OVER hypergrowth YoY revenue target in 2017

28% OVER hypergrowth YoY revenue target in 2018

ROAS > 1 (while going from 30’000 to 100’000+ customers)

Increasing revenue by selling B2B2C content marketing to scientific companies.

Researchgate is the worldwide social network for researchers with 10.000.000+ users and more than 100.00.000 monthly visitors. The sales department was in charge of generating revenue by offering targeted digital advertising and content marketing solutions to scientific companies selling products and services to researchers (B2B2C sales). Through 16 months at RG, I was promoted to 3 positions: from Lead Generator to Sales Executive to Account Executive.


Generated 200+ potential leads per week using scraping tools

Second Best Sales Executive of the quarter 

Hit 4-figure revenue targets &  Second Best Account Executive of the quarter

Launching and funding an IoT music tech startup from scratch​

Together with 5 co-founders, we took the challenge of creating a revolutionary wearable tool for musicians. 

As a co-founder, I was in charge of product management and in less than 6 months, we created and validated a MVP which allowed us to get funding from a startup Accelerator in Hong Kong.


MVP creation & validation to get our first funding from a startup Accelerator in Hong Kong.

Bringing a nanomaterial for batteries from lab to industrial production

At the corporate worldwide leader in phosphates Prayon, I was hired as a R&D Manager right after my Ph.D. thesis to work within a cross-functional team of scientists and engineers on the development of a nanomaterial for electric vehicle batteries. The goal was to bring that product from a laboratory scale to its industrial production.


Within less than 3 years, we successfully optimized the product performance and scaled up the production to a 50T/year plant. Reporting to the Sr R&D Manager, I was in a charge of lab and pilot tests and managed two teams of up to 6 technicians and workers.

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