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Hire the right employees or freelancers for your growth team

Do you want to build a growth team and to optimize the chances to hire the right people for your team?

Optimize your team productivity with digital tools and agile methods

Would you like to become more efficient and to optimize project management and communication in your company?

Increase your revenue with multi-channel content marketing

Do you want to work closely together to find new customers with growth hacking, agile marketing and the right digital strategy?


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With a Ph.D in Chemistry and 9 years of leadership experience in science and then in marketing and sales for fast-growing tech startups, I created GT Impact to help mission-driven companies who have cutting-edge technologies and want to have a bigger impact with agile methods and growth hacking. 

You can focus your efforts on product development and I am here to understand your complex solutions and to help you design a successful digital marketing strategy to reach the right audience and find new customers. With my experience building and leading team, I can also help you define the ideal agile growth team setup and hire the right employees fitting to your company’s needs and culture. 


Omni-channel content marketing campaigns

Together with my team of trusted partners or by hiring the relevant freelancers for your project, we can hit the ground running: I will define and implement a growth strategy across multiple channels (Social media Advertising, SEA, Email marketing, SEO) and create highly converting and hyper targeted content. We will define the goals and success metrics together and I will manage the project and make sure we hit our targets and deadlinesJust book your free call with me now and let's discuss your challenges.


Growth Strategy & Recruiting your growth team

I offer "CMO as a service" in the form of monthly coaching packages or consulting sessions
That includes coaching you in growth strategy and helping you to hire the right freelancers and/or employees for your growth team. Just book your free call with me now and let's discuss how I can help you achieve your goals.

CMO or interim CMO

If my calendar allows it I can be a full time CMO or jump in your company as an interim CMO for a limited period of time. Just book your free call with me now and let's discuss your challenges.

Asana Certified Pro

Asana workshop - Agile project management & communication

Learn how I (almost) got rid of emails in my previous company and how to implement Asana to become agile, hit your deadlines, track OKRs, keep your teams focused, find information easily and stop wasting too much time in meetings. Just book your free call with me now and let's discuss how to make your whole company more agile.

Do you want to discuss how I could help you implement a scalable growth strategy using growth marketing sprints and content marketing?

It is super easy: click here to book a free call at a time that suits you best directly in my agenda!

We will take 30 minutes to discuss your challenges and we will evaluate together the different way I could support you.

It is free and non-binding. 

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