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A bootcamp of 6 sessions to grow your brand intensively on Linkedin with fun & hands-on workshops and a community of changemakers

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Promises of my bootcamp:

Publishing 10 engaging posts reviewed by me and supported by the community

Learn a solid strategy to grow your personal brand, your company brand, and attract leads and talents with your content on Linkedin

Be part of a community of mission-driven companies and changemakers supporting each other on the long term


  • 6 live sessions in a group of maximum 16 mission-driven companies and entrepreneurs to learn and create content together 🌎

  • community with all training participants to support each others’ posts and maximise the chances for the Linkedin algorithm to boost it, as well as to help each other between mission-driven entrepreneurs, startups, and freelancers.

  • My personalized written feedback on your first 10 posts

  • Video Replays of all sessions

  • an Asana and Notion templates for your editorial planning

  • Life-time access to the Miro board content and presentation

  • Fun & interaction with people changing the world for the better!

  • Optional: 1 private coaching session at a discounted price

6 sessions in 3 weeks

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Learnings of the 6 sessions:

For who is it:

For entrepreneurs & C-Levels who want to grow a company with a sustainable or social mission.

For freelancers & solopreneurs who want to attract and build a network of impact-focused clients.

For employees in Sales, Marketing, or HR who want to grow their influence and attract more talent and leads.

What you should be prepared for:

  1. This is a collective bootcamp. You are part of a team of mission-driven people who support each other. If you are not ready to help each other, it is not for you.

  2. These will be 3 intense weeks. You will learn a lot and get a lot of positive outcomes, and meet other inspiring people, but you have to be ready to commit during two weeks.

  3. Sessions are made as hands-on as possible, with exercises to do live during the sessions, but if you want to get the most out of it, you have to be ready to put in some efforts between the sessions.

  4. I am here to boost your confidence, to unblock your creativity and very often some fears that prevent you from reaching your full potential on social media. I respectfully try to push you a bit outside of your comfort zone for that (especially during our private coaching). If you are not ready to step out of your comfort zone, this is not for you.


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Signup for the waiting list & get 75€ discount

Any questions? Check the FAQ below

The Results

The bootcamp participants often reach 5'000 to 10’000+ impressions per post (1 like = around 100 impressions). One of them had her first viral post (120'000+ views). Even if none of them had no more than a few thousand followers before the bootcamp.

My experience with Linkedin

This year:

  • 1’027’145 impressions
  • 3 viral posts at 115’000+ views

In less than 3 years:

  • From 700 to 7250+ followers
  • Grew my podcast and my business only via my Linkedin profile (without ads or trade shows)

14-days Money-back Guarantee

If you participate to the first 4 sessions, you post 5 posts reviewed by me within the 2 first weeks of the bootcamp, you have applied my advice, and you didn’t get the results you expected: I will refund you! No question asked.



  • Optional: Private 1h Coaching session: 125€ (250€)
  • 25 participants max (first come, first served – batch 2 was sold out)

  • Special discount for NGOs (just PM me)

*VAT eventually applies:

  • German private residents and companies: + 19% VAT;
  • Private persons outside of Germany: +19% VAT
  • Companies outside of Germany: Reverse charge applies

Signup for the waiting list & get 75€ discount

Any questions? Check the FAQ below


Yes. You can signup for the waiting list for free, it is not binding you to anything. You will receive a notification when the next bootcamp is launched and get a 75€ voucher as a bonus for being on the waiting list 💸

Yes, you can pay in two parts. One at the booking and one in one month. Just fill in the application form here and ask me when I reach out to you for the payment.

There is a replay of each session. So if you miss one session, you can catch up easily after. However I want to remind you this is an intensive program: if you don’t have the time to commit to posting more on Linkedin during the 3 weeks of the bootcamp, this is not for you.

You usually have other alternatives to this bootcamp:

  • learn by yourself. If you are fine investing a lot of time in free content and trials and errors, this is what I have done myself and it can work, but be ready for the long road ahead. With my bootcamp, you save time and you will learn in 3 weeks what I have learned in 3 years. And you maximize the chance to get a lot of results with 3 times

  • on-demand online trainings. You can take a cheaper on-demand video course. But if I have experienced it myself: your motivation usually drops very quickly and it is hard to commit without being very strict with yourself. With this bootcamp, you commit to 6 sessions in which you learn AND you apply the theory directly DURING the sessions on your content + you have a community supporting you and motivating you to commit.
  • private coaching or ghost writing: this is the most efficient way to get results, but be prepared to pay 1000€+ per month to get results.
  • You won’t find another bootcamp focused on Linkedin for change-makers and entrepreneurs changing the world for the better 😉

The sessions are interactive and made 50% theory & 50% exercises. So you apply directly what you learn and come out of each session with new material you can use on Linkedin.

Check the testimonials and results from the previous participants in the Results section here. As a summary, here are the results they mentioned:

  • their posts often reached 10’000 – 50’000 people (with 100+ likes)

  • One of them got her first viral post with 120’000+ views 
  • Job offers and leads  
  • all of them highlighted how the bootcamp community is useful and how they are still supporting each other long after the bootcamp is over

14-Days money-back guaranteed: If you assist to the first 4 sessions, you post 5 posts reviewed by me within the 2 first weeks of the bootcamp, you have applied my advice, and you didn’t get the results you expected, I will refund you. No question asked.

By giving you a solid evergreen strategy that will always help you draft and plan engaging content that resonates with your audience. And by making sure you learn and apply during the session, surrounded by people supporting you.

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