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What I hear

“We don't have the time to become an expert in every field”

“Growth concepts make lots of sense on paper ... implementing them is a lot harder”

“We need to learn where to focus our marketing energy and money”

“We’d like to post more on Linkedin but we don’t know what and how to post ”

“Linkedin advertising is too expensive”

“We need to grow fast to remain attractive for investors”

What I help you with

Acquire clients faster at a lower cost

Get your whole team to focus on the most impactful marketing and product dev strategies

Become a thought-leader and generate leads on Linkedin

Some results

Exceeding hypergrowth revenue targets with positive ROI two years in a raw

200+ potential leads per week & 4-digit revenue in sales

Created and validated a MVP to get our first funding

How can I help you achieve that?

Growth Marketing Strategy

Discover the most important channels and content to attract and convert clients quicker with better ROI.

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Linkedin Bootcamp for Changemakers

Use Linkedin to be recognized as a impact-driven thought-leader

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CMO/CGO as a service

Get my advice as a fractional CMO/CGO consultant for your company

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More results


CPL after optimizing my clients’ Linkedin Ads (improving CTR and CPC by 200%)


Entrepreneurs and employees growing their network and generating more leads with my Linked personal branding training. (NPS recommendation score = 9.2 out of 10)


Companies who found more efficient ways to convert clients through my growth marketing workshops.

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Hi, I am Gilles, founder of GT Impact and Mission First podcast.

I’m a CMO and CGO with a Ph.D. in Chemistry and 10+ years of leadership experience in entrepreneurship, R&D, digital marketing, and sales.

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The podcast masterclass for entrepreneurs

GT Impact

The podcast masterclass to learn from successful entrepreneurs changing the world for the better. Get actionable strategies coming directly from those who have found product-market fit and are scaling up fast with their (for-profit or non-profit) companies.

Let’s create a sustainable future

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