Grow faster and with better ROI with these Growth marketing strategy workshops

Establish the most important priorities and solutions for your marketing and growth strategy, with a series of audit and workshops with your top 3-4 stakeholders.

Sometimes I hear

“Our team is highly motivated but doesn’t have (yet) the right experience to reach our next stage of hyper-growth”

“We do stuff that works but also others that don’t work and we don’t know where and how to focus our marketing energy and money best”

Your Solution

Learn to focus on the most impactful channels, marketing, and product strategies

Take your growth


Your benefits

  • Find out the room for improvement in your top 3 marketing channels (SEA, SEO, website copy and structure)
  • Review of your current growth and marketing situation
  • Understand your customers and positioning better in order to attract and convert them with a better ROI
  • Build your Growth map
  • Identify and prioritize the challenges & opportunities for growth
  • Ideate and prioritize solutions to solve the most important challenge in growth

“Our team is highly motivated but doesn’t have (yet) the right experience to reach our next stage of hyper-growth”

Included in this offer

Partly included

Why is this Growth Strategy Workshop working?

The best ideas are generated when people with different perspectives are brought together. This workshop is designed to easily gather inputs in all transparency and objectivity from the people from your team who know your customer and product better, coming from different departments. 

As part of the workshop, we will analyse the data of accross your marketing channels and the customer journey through your product, hence helping us to focus our efforts on the low hanging fruits and the parts that have the best potential impact in terms of revenue and user conversion.

Part of the workshop includes  in-depth analysis of your user behaviours through interviews of your team, but also interviews from your users. You will learn therefore to understand what are the REAL benefits for them in order to improve your conversion rate and make your marketing campaign more efficient

It includes

  • 3 High-level audits (by Sr marketers) of your top 3 marketing channels and strategy
  • Interview of 4 customers and leads to figure out your best positioning, real USP, and best arguments to convert future customers
  • Customer persona and customer journey workshops
  • Meetings for the workshops preparation
  • 2 Growth strategy prioritization workshops
  • Offline workshop preparation and communication
  • Workshop summaries, Action plan, and 3 months access to the workshops in Miro
What is moving us forward workshop

Example of one part of the workshop: “What is moving us forward and what’s holding us back?”


It is ideal for companies who have found product market fit and want to scale up quickly. We will use the workshop for you to avoid wasting money on non-impactful strategies and channels, and instead to focus your money and team efforts on the most promising channels and content strategy. 

As many as you want, but I found that the ideal number is between 4 to 8 people, with one responsible for each “department”: at least marketing, product, tech, but you can also add any person who had a good understanding of your users (sales, customer support, …)


From 3770€ HT

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