Scale up your leads and grow your brand with Linkedin Ads!

Decrease your CPL and CPA by combining Linkedin Advertising with a high-converting content marketing funnel and a proper targeting and ad strategy

Let’s talk about it

Sometimes I hear

“Our CPL and CPA are too high”

“Linkedin advertising is too expensive”

“Our webinar and white paper do not work as we had planed”

Myth #1: Linkedin ads are expensive

  • Yes: when not done properly, Linkedin ads can be very expensive.

  • When I do audit for potential clients, I see lots of them having a CPC of 5€+ or a CPL of 100€+.

  • But it is usually linked to a CTR lower than 1%, which means that: either the targeting, either the ad creative, either the content, or a combination of these factors, are not efficient.

Your Solution

Let me manage your Linkedin Ads: I will optimize your ad strategy & targeting, and I can even create highly converting ad creatives. landing pages, and content.

Your benefits

  • Increase your ads CTR with better ad copy and creatives
  • Lower CPC and CPL by finding your ideal targeted audience in Linkedin and by setting up a better ad campaign structure

The results

+14 ROAS

Up until 14 of Return On Advertising Spent

-200% CPL

Decrease your CPL leads by up to 200%

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We will take 15 minutes to discuss your challenges and evaluate together how and if I could support you.

It is free and non-binding. 😃

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