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3 key steps to reach 7494 Impact-driven Followers on LinkedIn: with No Ads, No Spam, In my own voice

Discover how you can attract change-makers like you in less than 2h per week without sounding boring.

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Some results

They are using my Linkedin strategy

You will discover:

The 3 key strategies I used to go from 800 to 7250 greentech and sustainability-focused followers in less than 2 years

The 4 topics you should use to create easily lots of non-boring and engaging content (which got me 800’000+ views in 12 months)

How tools combined with content creation can help you grow without spending more than 2 hours per week on Linkedin AND without being spammy

You should attend if:

YouΒ want to grow your reach as a change-maker on Linkedin but you don’t know where to start or it takes you too much time at the moment

You want to create more content but you are afraid people would see it as boring or too Facebooky

You want to understand how best practices and tools can help you build your Linkedin presence in less than 2h per week

Hi, I am Gilles Toussaint

I swam with wild dolphins in Mexico, spotted 21 wild orangutans in Sumatra, my mission is to help change-makers have a greater positive impact for this planet.

I founded Mission First, the podcast to learn from successful entrepreneurs changing the world for the better

I’m also a consultant in growth: as a CMO & CGO, I led 2 hyper-growing startups to 100’000+ customers in 2.5 years and decreased the customer acquisition cost by -80% in one year.

And I use Linkedin to grow my podcast and find all my clients (no ads or trade shows):

  • 1’027’145′ impressions & 3 viral posts the last 12 months
  • From 700 to 7250+ followers in 2 years

I have trained 50+ change-makers with my method to grow on Linkedin. It works both if you already have a few thousand followers or if you are just starting.

They followed my Linkedin training method

Here are Their feedback + their results:

I want to learn how to reach 7250+ impact-driven followers too!

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