"If you are trying to make a positive difference,
you deserve to have a bigger impact"


"I believe there are companies and people who truly want to make a positive difference!
Continuously challenging myself, I am here to share my knowledge and to work with these companies, so that we can all feel empowered and together have a real positive impact on this world!"

Need support to scale and grow with a positive ROI?

I'm Gilles Toussaint*, founder of GT Impact.
I help scientific, music-tech, and mission-driven tech-companies to scale up & grow their revenue with multi-channel content marketing.
(and I'm also a CMO with a Ph.D. in Science).

I learned a lot through an atypical career including a Ph.D. in Chemistry and 9 years of entrepreneurship and leadership experience (with 2.5 years as a CMO) in R&D, digital marketing, and sales for hyper-growing B2C and B2B2C scientific and music tech companies. !

With my network of collaborators at GT Impact, I use multi-channel digital marketing and hyper-targeted content strategy to help companies scale up and hyper-grow their revenue with positive ROI. I also support them to build the right growth team, establish a successful growth strategy, and become agile leaders in this digital world.

* you don´t know how to pronounce my name? It is fine, check it out here 😉 


"Revenue far beyond our yearly hyper-growth targets"

"As a CMO Gilles is an inspiring and reliable leader. He has built a fantastic marketing team with which he has achieved hypergrowth with revenues far beyond our yearly targets during two consecutive years. Moreover he is an Asana guru and agile organiser who has optimised communication and processes inside iMusician, leading to outstanding improvement of our efficiency and of our ability to scale up (with 3 international offices)."

Tobias Wirtz
(COO, iMusician Digital)

"Gilles excels at hiring and is a very good organiser"

“Gilles excels at hiring! He has a good judgement of personality which proves essential in hiring strong candidates with complementary skills. He’d find efficient ways to conduct quick interviews and focus on the best people to fit in the team’s culture. He is also a very good organiser, solving problems in a structured way. When it comes to critical situations, he knows how to reallocate resources and efforts quickly and create a collaborative environment.”

Stela Zlatkova
(Sr Onsite, SEO and CRM Manager, iMusician Digital)

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