Become a thought-leader brand and attract talent and leads
on Linkedin

with the first personal branding bootcamp for impact-driven founders & their teams, guaranteed fun and interactive!

Sometimes I hear

“We know Linkedin has the biggest growth potential but we just don’t know how to use it efficiently”

“I want to publish regular content but I don’t know what to post about without looking a bit boring”

“We want to be less dependent on advertising, but we don’t know how to engage our team on Linkedin”

Learn how to use Linkedin efficiently

  • Attract qualified leads and potential partners more efficiently without paid tools
  • Easily find your next post ideas and create a useful editorial planning
  • Create posts that are being read and engaged
  • Optimise your profile to get qualified leads and partners to contact you
  • Grow your company awareness with your team’s personal profiles
  • The best practices of the moment to crack the Linkedin algorithm and extend the reach of your posts
  • Save time and grow your network using automations tools WITHOUT spamming people

The results

Who is this training for?

For founders & C-Levels who want to grow a company with a sustainable or social mission.

For anyone in Sales, Marketing, or HR who want to grow its influence and attract more talent and leads

For teams & individuals

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8 workshop sessions of 90 minutes
with your team
and other impact-driven entrepreneurs

Month 1:

Start growing your network more efficiently on Linkedin

Optimize your profile and choose your topics – week 1 (1h30)

Find ideas for your next posts by discovering the 4 types of themes you should focus on – week 2 (1h30)

How to contact people outside of your network efficiently on Linkedin – Best practices – week 3 (1h30)

Discover the different formats of posts and create your first engaging post by using the most common copywriting framework – week 4 (1h30)

Month 2:

Scale up your leads and community with advanced content creation methods and growth automation tools

Copywriting: discover and use the 3 most efficient copywriting frameworks in your next posts – week 5 (1h30)

Discover your archetype of branding and find your true brand voice
– week 6 (1h30)

Grow your profile with Automation WITHOUT spamming people
– week 7 (1h30)

Learn to create your first video posts without expensive equipment and tools – week 8 (1h30)

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Why is this training different than others ?

Have you ever started a on-demand video training and haven’t completed it?

I was giving this 8-session training in one intense 2h-masterclass  before, but I realised most people were happy about the learnings but were not applying it.

That’s why I created this 8-week BootCamp:
it combines the power of the community,
with live, fun and interactive group training,
and private sessions and post feedback at the top.

Why is this training special

Previous participants can confirm it (watch the video in the header): this bootcamp is fun, interactive, and a mix between theory and practice where you get out of every session with some new content to use directly on Linkedin. 

Be part of the community with all the mission-driven entrepreneurs and startups from this training. You will support each other’s posts, maximize the chances for the Linkedin algorithm to boost it, get feedback, and it also increases the commitment from each one. 

You get one private training session of 30 minutes per participant and I will review 10 posts of each participant to make sure you kick off this training with the best outcome possible.


  • A community with all training participants to support each others’ posts and maximise the chances for the Linkedin algorithm to boost it, as well as to help each other between mission-driven entrepreneurs and startups.
  • an Asana and Notion templates for your editorial planning
  • 1 private session of 30 minute per participant (value: 125€)
  • My personalized feedback on your first 10 posts


747€ per person for 8 sessions of 90 minutes plus the bonus here above.

  • -200€ for the first 10 participants.
  • Discount for multiple participants per company (apply with the form below) 

Satisfied or refunded

Get your money back if you are not happy after the first session, no question asked. 

Next dates

8 Friday’s 12h30-14h
from September 23. till November 11. –
16 people maximum – 12 spots left


It is for founders and employees of mission-driven companies in general.

Experience has shown that it was particularly helpful for all the C-Suite as well as marketing, sales, and HR employees, as one of the main benefits is to grow your company’s brand and be seen as a thought-leader, get more leads, and attract more talent.

To inspire you, I include in the training a lot of examples showcasing best practices by mission-driven entrepreneurs and companies on Linkedin.

It is for both. If you are an individual, don’t be afraid: you will benefit from the community of other mission-driven entrepreneurs and startups in the batch. And as a team, you will have the chance to brainstorm together about the company strategy during and between the different sessions.

Sure, I do sell packages where you can do this training with private sessions only for your company. Reach out to me with the contact form at the bottom of this page to discuss a custom offer.

No, I am sorry, I don’t do that anymore. I used to give a Linkedin masterclass of 2h to companies: though I got very good feedback notes from the participants, I realised that only 5-10% of them were being active on Linkedin after. It was too much theory and not enough practice. That’s why I switched to this format where each session is designed to maximize the participant’s engagement and progress on Linkedin. 

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Who is your coach?

I am passionate about helping mission-driven companies increase their revenue (and thus impact) faster with growth strategies and Linkedin. 

I have reached 450’000+ people with my content organically on Linkedin during the last 12 months. 

I grew my following consistently from a few hundreds to 5750 followers in 2.5 years – my podcast and my client base only grew via my Linkedin profile (without ads or tradeshows)! 

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