Christmas gifts: my top 5 best books for entrepreneurs, freelancers and creatives

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Are you still looking for an original Christmas gift for your beloved friend, your partner or your relatives? Is s.he an entrepreneur, a freelancer or a creative?

Here are 5 of the recent books that have truly helped me and that I would heartily recommend as a Christmas gift! 


Entrepreneurial You, by Dorie Clark

It is one of the last books I have read and I found it soooo useful! Filled with plenty of hands-on tips and broken down success stories, it details you how to proceed if you want to monetize your experience as a solopreneur, freelancer or creative. It is very easy to read and every chapter is dedicated to one specific channel (how to become a coach, to become a speaker, to build a following through podcasting, to create an online course,…).

entreprenarial you

Start with Why, by Simon Sinek

With his book and the theory behind it, Simon changed my life and helped me to define who I am and where I want to go. Simon is the reason why I named my company GT Impact and why my website starts with the Earth picture and my slogan. His theory will inspire and guide entrepreneurs to find out who they truly are, to attract the right people around them, and to grow a company that really inspires, converts and retains customers! Highly recommended to leaders who want to become even better leaders and to wanna-be entrepreneurs who need a little dose of inspiration to dare to follow their dreams!

Start with why book


Steal like an artist, from Austin Kleon

For all creatives around there, it is a MUST-HAVE! An inspiring guide to creativity in the digital age which comes with fantastic value for its price. It is quick and easy to read, no superflu or long waffle text, only useful tips to boost your creativity. It really helped me to improve my creative process and I have written a couple more songs for my band Lapwings since I read it.

Steal like an artist


The Brain Audit, by Sean D’Souza

If you are trying to sell a product or your services, this is the perfect book! Based on how our brain works, Sean explains extremely well and step by step how to convince your visitors or leads to buy what you want to sell. Special mention to his very funny cartoons that make it a pleasure to read!

The brain audit


Homo Deus, by Yuval Noah Harari

This is the sequel of the best seller and captivating book Sapiens. In Sapiens, Harari explained extremely well why and how humans and our society have evolved until now. The first book is a must-read for everyone. But why is Homo Deus a good book for entrepreneurs? Because Harari articulates a very clear vision of where we are going (I won’t say more, I don’t want to spoil it). So if you aspire to develop products in the future, or if you want to simply get ready for that insane future, then you should read it!

Homo Deus


I hope this will help you to show your love and support to one of the entrepreneurs, freelancers, or creatives out there, and I wish you a merry and joyful Christmas with your beloved ones!


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