Growing a mental health company to 1’000’000 € in ARR in 12 months (by pivoting from B2C to B2B)

Kimberly Breuer – Likeminded

GT Impact

If you are into AI, data, mental health, building B2B2C business, pivoting, OKRs, sales. This episode is for you.

How can you say you are running a successful mental health company?
How do you calculate the profitability of an employee mental health program?

Answer in this episode!

Likeminded is a solution for mental health at work. They developed a data-driven mental health solution that ensures it is highly efficient at improving mental health but also scalable!

They want to spread psychological knowledge and psychological support to everyone by eliminating the stigma around mental health, and thus providing support to thousands of employees.

Customers get access to different support formats, from 1-on-1 sessions to digital exercises to group sessions.
The data-driven approach of the platform guides the users through their journey.

Kimberly Breuer, co-CEO of Likeminded (and a psychologist herself) cofounded Likeminded in 2020.
Today Likeminded:
– Is improving the well-being of more than 20’000 employees
– Pivoted successfully from B2C to B2B after one year
– Is Raising Series A at the moment
– Has 40+ employees

Kimberly shared her learnings about How to build a successful mental health company based on data and machine learning

In this episode, you will learn:

✨ How they decided to have 4 people co-founding the company
✨ What helped them make the decision to pivot from B2C to B2B after a year into the business
✨ What’s it like to pitch a non-existent product
✨ When do you know you found a product-market fit
✨ The benefits of being data-based
✨ The hardest part about setting up machine learning in a company
✨ How to switch from founder-led sales to global sales

Don’t miss out on this insightful episode – listen here

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Don't fall too much in love with your initial idea. Stay flexible and don’t be ashamed to admit you were wrong in the first place.

Sell your product before you build it. Like that, you test the interest and willingness to pay of your customers. It proves what you are building works and has an Impact.

Before going into data and machine learning ask yourself what you need the data for and whether it will be a true value add to your company.


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