Pierre-Yves Paslier Notpla


How to
make packaging disappear

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Today my guest is Pierre-Yves Paslier, cofounder and co-CEO of NOTPLA, a company that makes packaging disappear. They have created a cutting edge packaging material directly made from the ocean, from seaweed. It is biodegradable in six weeks and it can actually be eaten.

This episode is perfect for you if you would like to learn:

  • how to go from an idea to a cutting-edge sustainable product through several years of R&D. Pierre created his company in 2014 and it started as a student project. They have now more than 25 employees. They have industrialized 2 products, and a 3rd one is on its way.
  • We talked with Pierre about how he used an innovative funding method, equity crowdfunding to get more than 850’000 pounds from 900 private investors, at a moment when classic investors didn’t want to fund the next stage of their company 
  • You will also hear how to take advantage of social media and PR to raise awareness on your brand and your product. Pierre and his team managed to create several viral campaigns without working with any external agency and without spending a single penny on PR and social media. They grew everything organically in DIY mode, with some videos who reached more than 90 million views. In fact, I am pretty sure you have seen some of them, explaining how they trap water inside little transparent bubbles of seaweed packaging who can be eaten directly during events like marathons or festivals.
  • We also talked about their IP strategy, how they decided to patent certain things and keep others as a secret recipe without patent. 

Pierre also shared 7 Do’s and Don’ts about:

“How to bring a disruptive technology on the market!“

Notpla won among others the world technology award in the environmental category or the climate kick UK venture competition.

They are really revolutionizing single use packaging in the food industry, so fasten your seat belt for an episode full of learnings and inspiration!

Resources and recommendations from the episode:

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Why I (really) created this podcast

We are at a critical period for our planet and its inhabitants, and entrepreneurs and companies are going to play a massive influence on our future. 

As always, there are two sides who can pull us in opposite directions. 

On one side, there are entrepreneurs who chase and base their decisions on money, success, and fame. 

On the other side, I believe there are entrepreneurs who truly care about making a positive difference on this world. Money is a mean and not an end to these entrepreneurs: they care about their Mission First, and their goal is not fame nor a quick exit for the sake of it. I call them Entrepreneurs for Future

I want to do my best to support these Entrepreneurs for future. 

On one hand, I do that with my company GT Impact, with which I help mission-driven companies scale up with digital marketing and growth hacking. 

On the other hand, I wanted to start this podcast because I believe the best way to learn is by getting advice from those who have already done what we want to achieve

Finally, maybe a secret reason for me to create this podcast: because it is a real pleasure and inspiration to meet and learn from these entrepreneurs. 

I have indeed been an entrepreneur myself since I am a teenager, always launching projects based on my passions. 

Music, for example, has guided me through my whole life. At 20 I started a non-profit organization to run techno music festivals in Belgium, where I was djing myself, then a few years ago I co-founded my first startup in Berlin, a music tech startup called Feelthebeat (Soundbrenner now). Currently I still do music with my indie folk pop band Lapwings

Preserving nature and its wild animals have also always been one of my passions: I have been mesmerized by the beauty of the wild orang-utans I have followed in Sumatra, or by the wild dolphins I had the chance to swim with in the Golf of Mexico. 

As an entrepreneur, I have bigger plans for GT Impact than “just” making it a great digital marketing agency for mission-driven startups, and secretly, this podcast helps me to learn and prepare the future…but shhh, that will be for another episode 😉  



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