How to start a brand bridging the gap between consumers and makers

Marian Von Rappard – Dawn Denim

GT Impact

Would you like to create, or are you in the process of growing your sustainable brand at the early stage? Would you like to improve your supply chain to make it more sustainable or transparent?

Well, you will get some answers to these questions in this episode. I am really excited to talk to Marian Von Rappard, the founder of Evolution three and Dawn Denim.

After spending a few years in the fashion industry, he created his own factory in Vietnam, and he started to produce jeans for global brands where they kept in balance production, ethics, sustainability, and quality. And then in 2015, he started Dawn Denim, which is changing the fashion industry one fine pair of jeans at a time.

In their factory in Saigon, they are setting new standards for fair working conditions in eco-consciousness with the two companies. They have now 200 factory workers in Vietnam and eight employees in Berlin.

Marian shared a list of 4 Do’s and don’ts about

💡  “How to start a brand bridging the gap between consumers and makers”💡

So if you want to learn more about sustainable manufacturing, supply chain, and building a brand in the sustainable fashion industry, this episode is for you!



Marian on  Linkedin

Dawn Denim’s website

Let’s create a sustainable future

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