Wietse van der Werf Sea Ranger Service


How to
build an enterprise
with a social and
environmental impact

with Wietse Van Der Werf (Sea Ranger Service)

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Would you prefer having a social or an environmental impact on the world? 

Well, do you know it’s possible to achieve both?! 

In this episode, I have the chance to talk to Wietse Van Der Werf, CEO and founder of Sea Ranger Service.

Sea Ranger Service is a social enterprise with a mission to restore 1 million hectares of ocean biodiversity by 2040, whilst training 20,000 young people towards a maritime career. 

When the common advice for entrepreneurs is to focus on one product only, Wietse developed successfully three products / services with his social enterprise: from marine research services to offering a bootcamp to train people for a new career, and also the construction and design of a new ship certified in the industry with a zero-emission specification.

For this episode, Wietse prepared a list of very hands-on tips about 

💡 how to create a company with a social & environmental impact 💡

Among others, we covered these topics:

✅ How to resist the core focus trap and develop 3 successful products at once

✅ Legal: how to structure a social enterprise: mixing for-profit and non-profit companies

✅ How to combine impact and money

✅ How to educate your market

✅ How to not be afraid of governments

✅ How to have a combined sustainable and social impact

✅ How to use Asana as project management tool to increase team productivity 

✅ How they developed a franchise model with IKEA to scale their conversation efforts in new countries 

Are you ready? Then listen to it with the link below! 


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Why I (really) created this podcast

We are at a critical period for our planet and its inhabitants, and entrepreneurs and companies are going to play a massive influence on our future. 

As always, there are two sides who can pull us in opposite directions. 

On one side, there are entrepreneurs who chase and base their decisions on money, success, and fame. 

On the other side, I believe there are entrepreneurs who truly care about making a positive difference on this world. Money is a mean and not an end to these entrepreneurs: they care about their Mission First, and their goal is not fame nor a quick exit for the sake of it. I call them Entrepreneurs for Future

I want to do my best to support these Entrepreneurs for future. 

On one hand, I do that with my company GT Impact, with which I help mission-driven companies scale up with digital marketing and growth hacking. 

On the other hand, I wanted to start this podcast because I believe the best way to learn is by getting advice from those who have already done what we want to achieve

Finally, maybe a secret reason for me to create this podcast: because it is a real pleasure and inspiration to meet and learn from these entrepreneurs. 

I have indeed been an entrepreneur myself since I am a teenager, always launching projects based on my passions. 

Music, for example, has guided me through my whole life. At 20 I started a non-profit organization to run techno music festivals in Belgium, where I was djing myself, then a few years ago I co-founded my first startup in Berlin, a music tech startup called Feelthebeat (Soundbrenner now). Currently I still do music with my indie folk pop band Lapwings

Preserving nature and its wild animals have also always been one of my passions: I have been mesmerized by the beauty of the wild orang-utans I have followed in Sumatra, or by the wild dolphins I had the chance to swim with in the Golf of Mexico. 

As an entrepreneur, I have bigger plans for GT Impact than “just” making it a great digital marketing agency for mission-driven startups, and secretly, this podcast helps me to learn and prepare the future…but shhh, that will be for another episode 😉  



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