How to use a different perspective to innovate in a new industry

Megan Glover – 120Water

GT Impact

What is it like to start from scratch in an industry you know nothing about?

This is what Megan Glover did back in 2016 when she started 120Water. Today 120Water has grown to 75 FTEs, more than 200 customers and a 7-digit revenue.

They are paving the way for the water industry, moving it from paper into the cloud. They offer digital solutions to water professionals, helping them protect public health way more efficiently.

Megan spent 10 years in marketing before deciding to pursue water as her next career move, and it was then natural to talk about 

💡How to use your experience and a different perspective to innovate in a new industry and find purpose💡

Megan shares her angle on how to:

✅ Find mentors

✅ Apply proven concepts and  solutions to your business

✅ Keep your customer at the center of your strategy even as you scale

✅ Don’t let hearing NO discourage you

✅ Learn to let go

✅ Hire the right people 

✅ Build a brand your customers would love to buy

Ready to dive in the water? Then listen to the podcast 🎧👇


You may have a great vision, but no product-market fit. Meet the market where they are, but know where you cab take them through innovation

Consider the whole content journey, from awareness to consumption, add personality and interaction

Brand, brand, brand... it's also how you behave and interact with your customers


Megan and 120Water on Linkedin or Twitter

120 Water’s website



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