How to grow a B2G and sell to governments

Jacob Bossaer – Bosaq

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You thought B2B was challenging? How about dealing with governments? 😱

Who should you contact? What is the best way to reach out to people in power in different countries? How to sign deals or test potential solutions quickly?

Working in B2G, business 2 governments, can be extremely challenging, but

Jacob Bossaer has done it successfully with governments across Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

He founded Bosaq in 2015 with the mission to supply clean drinking water to the people who don’t have it today and Bosaq does it in a sustainable way. The company’s current ambition is to bring clean drinking water to 1.5 million people across the globe.

Since 2015 Bosaq went from 2 to 14 employees.

It is active on 3 continents.

They provide drinking water to 40.000 people.

And they have 3 patents.

Working and selling to governments requires a wide set of skills and a personal touch. Especially when it comes to a national security asset such as water.

In this episode Jacob shares his 6 Do’s and Don’ts when talking to people in power and

💡How to grow a B2G and sell to governments💡

Among them you will learn:

✅ how crucial it is to know the key decision-makers in the organization

✅ how to do your research

✅ how to not forget the human touch

✅ to be patient

✅ the importance of “What’s in it for me?”

✅ how to listen actively

Get this firsthand advice. Listen to the episode with the link below.


When dealing with governments you are not working just with an institution. You are working with human beings who have fears and desires. People do business with people, not with products.

Getting in touch with the government can be hard. You may contact 100 people and nothing, then you meet the 101st person and suddenly you got yourself a meeting with the minister.

When hiring people think: 80% personality, 20% skills. If you have the right mindset, you can learn the skills.


Jacob Bossaer Linkedin 
Bosaq website
Books: Never split the difference by Chris Voss

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