How to build the "Linkedin" of sustainable fashion supply chains

Lukas Puender – Retraced

GT Impact

If you are interested in B2B partnership, SaaS product development, Sustainable fashion, or Supply chain, this episode is definitely for you!

🌟 How do you develop an online sustainability fashion platform with 55 brands onboard, more than 3.000 suppliers and more than 2 million products?

🌟 What happens when you find out spreadsheets are great for lots of things, but they fail when the amount of data gets too big?

🌟 What happens when you find out there is no existing solution to track transparency in supply chains?

Retraced happens!

Retraced started as a simple green marketing tool in 2018.

The simple tool grew into a whole sustainability management platform in 2020, when Covid pushed the company to a pivot.

How did this happen?

Lukas Puender and his team listened to their clients and they worked together with them to develop the perfect solution.

🚀 Today Retraced has grown to 30 people, working from 10 different countries.

🚀 They’ve raised 2.5M+ in funding.

🚀 Their revenue is 7-digit and it has +15% month-on-month growth.

And they still listen to their clients.

Retraced still has its chat function. A client can send them a question and in minutes it will be answered. This is a KPI that’s tracked.

Their platform usage tracking makes them even more client-centric, helping their partners in the onboarding and the improvement of the platform.

So who else, if not Lukas shared his advice on 💡How to become successful in B2B sales by seeing your clients as partners 💡

Among it you will find:

✅ How to find the best solution together

✅ “Fake it till you make it”-mentality is a double-edged sword that quickly cuts deep

✅ Why invest early into a project?

✅Innovation is good, solving a problem is better

✅ How to build a team you can trust

Get this and more in the new episode. 🎧Listen to the episode with the link below.


Offer your service to paying customers from the start. They care more and demand more. You won't get just a sign-up, you will get the engagement of your clients.

Set the right expectations from the beginning, be transparent and don't oversell. Your clients will quickly realize it and then you have to do damage control.

Being a platform is like the chicken and the egg story. Do you bring first the suppliers to attract the brands, or the brands to attract the suppliers?


Lukas Puender LinkedIn

Retraced website

Book: Chris Voss – Never split the difference

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