Setting a new standard for impact in media with the free "Netflix" of captivating films and thought-provoking series

Sam Sutaria – WaterBear

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If you are into media, documentaries, activism, growing communities, NGOs, impact, technology & how to use product to drive action. This episode is for you.

In a world where “bad news sell better” it’s easy to believe that it’s all negative.

Imagine feeling hopeful and inspired about the future.
Imagine knowing that you can take action and have a real impact.

WaterBear is a free Netflix-like content platform with a twist
They have over 1,000 inspiring documentaries and movies, all developed in collaboration with people and organizations changing the world for the better.

WaterBear brings entertainment but also inspires you to take action, to dive deeper into the issue and to connect with like-minded individuals who care to drive tangible, measurable impact around the world.

The WaterBear Network is made of:
– 700’000+ subscribers
– a free subscription, no ads
– 3 Million followers across all channels
– 40+ FTEs
– 150+ NGOs with which they work in collaboration

In this episode with Sam Sutaria, their CEO and first employee, you will learn
How to set a new standard for impact in media

We will deep dive into:
✨ How brands need to adopt a new way of telling stories for the future
✨ What’s the revenue stream of a free content platform
✨ How do you measure real impact in media
✨ Navigating the lessons learned during fundraising
✨ How B2B2C can really be collaborative
✨ How to grow a supportive community
✨ What’s the impact of positive news

Don’t miss out on this insightful episode – listen now


Brands around the world need to focus on a new way of telling stories. Bring stakeholders around a common issue and create really compelling media in the process.

Turn fundraising into something you love and enjoy. It is the job, not a “homework” activity your mum makes you do.

It’s not just about running a campaign with a CTA and measuring the direct impact. It’s also about the long-term behavioral changes and sentiment shifts in your community.


Sam’s LinkedIn

WaterBear website

Book recommendation: The Creative Act: A Way of Being by Rick Rubin

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