Slow Down or Perish: why green growth is a myth, and how does degrowth apply to green entrepreneurship and to our future

Timothée Parrique – Dr. in economics, specialised in degrowth

GT Impact

If you are into entrepreneurship in general, economics, degrowth, post-growth, ecology, climate change, activism, or simply into the future of our planet, this episode is for you.

Is the constant search for economic growth slowly pushing us to extinction?

It’s time to change the way we measure economic success. It should no longer be about GDP.

My guest today is a different type of entrepreneur. Timothée Parrique is a knowledge entrepreneur

Timothée holds a PhD in economics, he is specialized in degrowth and post-growth. He’s making big waves with his presentations. Just this year, he has done a TEDx presentation, a keynote speech at the event Beyond Growth, hosted at the European Parliament, a presentation called How to Blow Up an Economy at the University of Lund.

In his book Ralentir ou Périr (Slow Down or Perish), he explores the transition towards a post-growth economy, challenging the current pursuit of growth.

Discover how degrowth and post-growth concepts can revolutionize your approach as an entrepreneur.

In this episode you will learn:

– What’s the current problem with growth?
– What are the consequences of the way we measure GDP today?
– Do we need growth to overcome inequality?
– What’s green growth and why it is a myth?
– What a degrowth future will look like?
– What’s the difference between degrowth and recession?
– Degrowth for green entrepreneurs

Ready to embrace a new way of thinking?

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If we continue to care just about profit, we will fry irreversibly our planet. We need to accept that for several years revenue will go down.

Planned democratic degrowth today or chaotic collapse tomorrow. That‘s the choice we need to take.

GDP is very bad at including the ecological and it's even worse at including the social part that is nonmonetary.


Timothée Parrique LinkedIn

Timothée’s website

Timothée’s book Ralentir ou péri

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