How to turn a personal pain into millions for sustainable farmers

Robin Saluoks – eAgronom

GT Impact

If you are into carbon credit, business, agriculture, product & business model innovation, or simply scaling up your team, this is the right episode for you.

What if I told you farmers could get an additional income stream from the same thing they are currently doing AND have a positive impact on climate change at the same time?

eAgronom is a platform which brings economic benefits to sustainable farmers.
Farmers get paid for improving their soil and sequestrating carbon.

🚀 They’ve onboarded 100 – 150 farmers who contributed to remove 100k tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere
🚀 They raised a series A round of $7 million
🚀 72 FTEs across the world, less than half of them in Estonia

My guest, Robin Saluoks, CEO & co-founder of eAgronom, confronted brilliantly the climate crisis and rising CO2 emissions and has had a tremendous positive impact on this planet.

So who better to learn from when it comes to 💡How to turn a personal pain into a profitable business 💡 and have a positive impact on climate change at the same time.

In this mini-series you will learn:

Episode 1/4: What’s the difference between carbon credits and being carbon neutral? What’s eAgronom’s role on the road to net zero?

Episode 2/4: How to turn personal difficulties into two business opportunities?

Episode 3/4: How to introduce a new attractive business model to the farming industry?

Episode 4/4: How to grow your company from 10 to 70 people, keep a small company mindset and stay focused on your vision?


As companies grow bigger, even in the most transparent ones, it gets hard to keep everyone informed about the business. Some feelings might get hurt because this is not how it used to be.

You can easily go into greenwashing. We work in a complex system and there are many pieces to consider. You need strickt rules.

When you work with farmers, bear in mind, they have short-term liabilities. They have to be short-term profitable too.


Robin Saluoks on Linkedin
eAgronom website

The Four Obsessions of an Extraordinary Executive by Patrick Lencioni

Grinding It Out: The Making of McDonald’s by Ray Kroc, Robert Anderson

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Let’s create a sustainable future

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