9 Books for entrepreneurs recommended by inspiring entrepreneurs with a sustainable mission!

It is this time of the year again where you'd like to find the perfect gift for your entrepreneur friends and lovers?!

Then here are some recommendations by the guests of the first season of Mission First, the podcast to learn from successful entrepreneurs changing the world for the better!

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Vaitea is revolutionizing the energy world with the hydrogen electrolyzers of her company Enapter. Listen to her on the video below (at 1h10’56”) explaining why she particularly likes to wake up or fall asleep with that book: 

Listen to this full podcast episode on all streaming platforms with this link.

System thinking is a holistic approach you must learn if  you want to be able to change our very complex world. This book was recommended by Maayke Damen who is revolutionizing the circular economy market with Excess Materials Exchange. Listen to what she says about the book here (at 1h16’55”):

Listen to this full podcast episode on all streaming platforms with this link.

Beside providing solar panels to schools and climate change education to more than 75’000 kids, Robert runs a book club with his friends, and everybody who reads that book has started to sleep one more hour per night! Listen to Robert below (at 1h10’25”) explain why this book is almost a compulsory read for his team members:

Listen to this full podcast episode on all streaming platforms with this link.

A great book with hands-on tips about negotiation and also vibrant stories from a ex-FBI agent. We discussed the book and Chris Voss’ online Masterclass with Lubomila Jordanova from Plan A. in the 3rd episode of Mission First – listen to this sequence here below (at 1h03’37”):

Listen to this full podcast episode on all streaming platforms with this link.

Another classic from Simon Sinek, author of Start with why. Recommended by Jeff Kirschner who is cleaning up the world with his company Litterati

Listen to what Jeff says about it in the video below (at 1h01’32”):

Listen to the full podcast episode on all streaming platforms with this link.


A book and a guide to activism written by the fantastic Captain Paul Watson, who cofounded Greenpeace and is fighting for the sea with his international NGO Sea Shepherd since 30+ years.

Listen to this full podcast episode on all streaming platforms with this link.

An inspiring book for those who want to create a new paradigm in their organization. We discussed holacracy and the concept of this book in details in the episode with Franziska Schmid from Junge Tüftler. Listen to this episode here below: 

or listen to the full podcast episode on all streaming platforms with this link.

To grow a sustainable fashion business successfully like Benny Mandos from Got Bag, you also need to take care of yourself. This is why Benni recommended this spiritual enlightenment book (also recommended by Oprah)

Listen to what Benni says about the book here below (at 56’25”):

Listen to this full podcast episode on all streaming platforms with this link.

Christoph Berger runs Vilisto, a sustainable tech company decreasing energy costs from buildings, and his company is rated 4.7 out of 5 stars by its employees! No wonder that he recommended a book explaining how to build a culture to motivate your employees, as he explains it here below (at 1h21’09”):

Listen to this full podcast episode on all streaming platforms with this link.


I hope this will help you to show your love and support to one of the entrepreneurs out there, and I wish you a merry and joyful Christmas with your beloved ones!

PS: if you want more inspiration, check out my other blog article with 5  books for entrepreneurs, freelancers and creatives.

7 lessons on leadership from Michael Jordan & the Bulls’ Last Dance documentary


In this article, I have summarized 7 leadership lessons that every CEO or manager can learn from the Bulls’ epic adventure and from one of the best and most emblematic sportsmen in the world.

The Last Dance is a documentary about the greatest basketball team of all time and their superstar Michael Jordan! If you haven’t watched it on Netflix yet, you may want to binge-watch the 10 episodes of that inspiring documentary before you read this!

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1)  Trust your teammates to make the shot

Countless times before, like that famous buzzer-beater shot against the Cleveland Cavaliers with only 3 seconds to go, Michael loved to take his responsibilities to make the final victory shot (goose-bumps guaranteed with the video below!!!).

But in the finale series vs the Lakers in 1991, when it is 80 – 80 in the last quarter of the game, he learned to be a different leader!

This time, he listens to Phil Jackson’s coaching and decides to trust his teammate John Paxton for the last moments of the game: he fakes to take his responsibility to free Paxton and gives him the ball to make the difference…and John made it. He realized that it works, so he kept on doing it for the rest of the game and they won! He learned that the other guys can help him out.

A couple of years later, against all expectations, he did the same thing with Steve Kerr: he created the illusion to go for the last shot, brought defenders against him to free his teammate and gave him the ball for the final shot.

So it is great to lead by example, it is great to take the pride at being the best, it is great to try to do as much as you can on your own, but you have to trust your teammates and give them the opportunity to shine and take the shot if you want them to grow, to become amazing players too, to be better as a team. As Michael said: “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.”


2) Lead by example – When leaders work so hard, everyone wants to work as hard

Jordan was considered sometimes a tyrant by his peers.

Indeed he pushed his team’s mates at their limit and sometimes beyond, but they didn’t have any resentment against him because he was so driven, so committed, pushing himself so hard and because he was never asking them something he wasn’t doing himself. So if you want to push your team, first start to lead by example.

3) Competition should be a driver to become better

Jordan would always find a reason to motivate himself, and very often, he would find it in his competitors, whatever it was, for instance when somebody else was nominated MVP and he thought he was better than that person, or when another player teased him in the media or trashed talk him during the competition. So don’t be afraid of the competition, embrace it to become better!

4) Do not care about people’s opinions.

When asked how he handles everybody’s expectation about him to do or not do certain things, Michael said:
‘The way I go about my life is I set examples. If it inspires you, great. If it doesn’t, then maybe I shouldn’t be the person you follow!’ Same for you: do what you do because you love it and stop caring about what everybody else thinks.


5) When you are at your weakest, you can find extra resources.

Against the Uta Jazz, Michael was in pretty bad shape, having thrown up all night, a terrible start of the game with lots of missed shots, he looked completely gassed during the first quarter, but as Pippen said “lots of times, when you are sick, you are able to find something deep down inside that you didn’t know was there. He wanted to win so badly, that he stayed with it. And he pulled the team to the victory once again. However down you feel, there are extra resources within you that you have to find to pull it together.

6) Live in the present.

Most people live in fear because they project their past into the future. Michael was completely present, that was his separator compared to other great players, that’s what made him the greatest player of all time. Michael wouldn’t allow to let something he couldn’t control get in his head. MJ made a LOT of decisive last-second shots. However, he also missed some of them, but he never let that make him fear to take the next one. A great example: even though he missed an “easy” free throw 40 sec before the end against Utah at 85-85, he managed to scoop up the loose ball, then shot a decisive 3 points right after.


7) Let your players be who they are and learn to give them a break at the right time.

Phil Jackson is one of the greatest coaches of all time, and one of his secrets is to let the players be themselves, with their strengths but also their flaws. He let Dennis Rodman be himself and do what he does:


In this last final series, after game 3’s victory, Dennis went up wrestling, disappeared from the radar (= had a rough party night), and missed the practice the day after. Some coaches would have made a fuss about it, but Phil just let it go. He knew that Rodman is there 100% on the court when they need him and that was the most important to him (and he played one of his best games right after). Another time, he gave the players a vacation day right before another important game. As Michael said: “a younger coach would have made us practice today”. So don’t try to make everyone fits in a mold, let people be themselves, and learn to know when to push people to work hard and when to give them a break in order to perform better after!

Marketing trends in 2020: tips from the Marketing Underground event

What will be the marketing trends in 2020? How can you master offline and online marketing to grow your business efficiently in 2020?

Here are some questions that the speakers tackled a few weeks ago at Marketing Underground, one of the biggest marketing events in Berlin. With this summary, I share what I think will be part of the marketing trends in 2020, as well as some tips I have learned from the speakers there.

Digital marketing has been booming since the rise of the Internet. The new generation doesn’t watch classic marketing channels like TV or radio: they follow their stars on Youtube and Spotify.

Companies don’t need to go in the street to sell their product anymore: they can reach most of the population online with much cheaper costs than for traditional events and conferences…

But does it mean that the old classic channels are dead?

Is there still some space for offline marketing in 2020?

Or will the combination of offline and online marketing be the new trend?

The founder of the Marketing Underground event, Marco Janck, is captivated by the modern possibilities of connecting the offline and the online world. The mission of his event is to promote the mix of analog and digital, to let creativity and creatives meet performance and digital marketers.

As a marketing consultant and coach, my role is to help companies to define the best growth hacking strategy and the ideal growth team to boost their revenue. While you have to take advantage of the digital world potential (with hyper-targeting, automation, and content personalization), I personally believe that people slowly start to realize that we also need to keep some space for real relationships, for offline exchange between human beings, and that offline marketing is not dead! In my opinion, the most successful companies will be those who find the right balance between the digital and the human/analog world and who build growth teams who are agile and nimble in both worlds.

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Marketing trends in 2020: my opinion

Here is my general feeling after the event:

  • Videos should be included in your marketing arsenal and you should leverage influencer marketing if you want to be successful
  • Tiktok is huge, don’t jump on it too late!
  • Knowing your audience, segmenting it and creating hyper-targeted and valuable content for every segment with email marketing automation is key
  • Taking diversity into account in all your communication is very important (and not such an easy thing to achieve the right way)

For every presentation I had the privilege to watch, here are some notes on the speakers and some of the tips they shared.

Facebook advertising hacks with Simon Mader

I only saw the end of Simon’s presentation, but he showed some solid results and useful tips if you advertise on Facebook.

Simon Mader

  • Duplicate your ads to increase your relevance score
    • When you start your ad, Facebook will show it to a few hundred people and quickly rate it with a relevance score. The higher the score is, the less expensive it is for you. Some times it happens that the few hundred people seeing your ad are not the most relevant people, so you should therefore duplicate all your ads (exactly as they are) 3-5 times and then stick with the highest score one.
  • Retarget with reach and social proof
    • If you are not using retargeting, you are losing a big opportunity. Simon advises to retarget your website visitor with the Reach goal of Facebook. To make it effective, use social proof in that retargeting.


Political campaigning with Julius Van de Laar

Julius is a Strategy and Campaign advisor in politics. He has worked as Regional Director for Barack Obama in his 2012 campaign, so we can say he knows his way around politics!

Julius Van de Laar

  • Each campaign should be an answer to a question. You should find out what is the question your audience has and how you can answer it.
    • I personally think that this is valid as well outside of politics. You should find out what the questions of your customers are and provide valuable content to answer it.
  • Relational organizing will be parts of the trends in 2020
    • I didn’t know what Relational organizing was, but it’s apparently combining offline meetings with data and technology to find out whom you should contact to find new voters, and how they should be best approached.
  • Warum ich und Warum jetzt (Why me and Why now)
    • Winning the election usually comes down to who answers best that question. I personally think the same is true when you try to sell a product. You have to be able to explain to your customers why you and not your competitor, and why now and not later.


How to make cool social media videos with Calvin Hollywood

Calvin is a photographer, entrepreneur and social media influencer, and he is definitely an entertaining speaker!

Calvin Hollywood

  • Don’t take your self seriously
    • lots of people overthink too much before posting and are worried about thoughts like: “Oh, but I don’t look good enough!”,….  Calvin’s tip: you don’t do it for yourself, you do it for your audience and you should let them decide which content is good and just dare to publish!
  • Instagram is the equivalent of Reality-TV
    • It is for instantaneous content! People don’t scroll down, so don’t worry about what you post as people won’t see it tomorrow. In consequence, don’t post there if you want people to find your content in 6 months.
  • Youtube is like a documentary TV show
    • People can find your content via SEO and the Youtube search
    • Long videos work best.
      • They should be at least 10-15 min. That way lots of people might leave but the people who stay will become fans and potential clients
  • Facebook is like the news
    • Small videos work best
  • Live streaming
    • Again, don’t be afraid: just do it, leave it online for 24h, and you will see that nothing bad can happen. Calvin showed it pretty well by going live, talking gibberish and posting it on the stories of his account with 70k followers.
    • It is not important to be or look cool, it is important to help and communicate with others.
  • Tiktok
    • Use it as a content production machine
      • Thanks to its huge reach, use it to create and test content rapidly and then use the most successful content on other platforms.


Online marketing budget planning with Christoph Hemmann

Christoph is a Performance marketing Project Lead at the agency Ironshark. He made a very insightful presentation showing some results he had with his clients.

Christoph Hemmann

  • Don’t use a linear fixed monthly budget!
    • Christoph showed very well that revenue can be improved by adopting the budget to the demand in peak months. Use the keyword planner to find out the monthly search volumes and adapt your budget with the seasonal peak demands.
  • Find out your bottleneck (and use professional tools)
    • For one of his clients, only 1.8% of revenue was generated from email marketing. By improving his email templates and investing in a professional marketing tool, he improved the value of his client from 37k in 2017 to 87k in 2018, with only 17h of work.


Becoming a social media influencer with Aaron Troschke

Aaron is a TV moderator and one of the most popular social media influencers in Germany, with 1 million  followers on Youtube.

Aaron Troschke

  • Patience and consistency is key!
    • Stay in line and be motivated. On Youtube most people give up after one year, so if you keep on posting good content regularly for more than one year, Google algorithm will start rewarding your persistence and your content will be progressively pushed in front of a bigger audience after that first year.
  • Always be authentic
    • Social media is very different than TV. Will Smith also said the same thing recently: to be a star in the past, you had to remain secret, mysterious, and show as less as possible from you outside of your official movies or TV channels, but with social media, you can not be a star if you don’t show a part of your personality and show who you “really” are backstage.


Adapting your UX and taking into account diversity in marketing with Astrid Kramer

I loved Astrid presentation and I would share it all if I could, but I don’t want to spoil it, so I definitely advise you to check her out. She is an experienced digital consultant, specialist in SEO, UX, and brand management.

Astrid Kramer

  • Get away from the white (often male) advertising cliché and adapt to the reality:
    • 25% of people in Germany have a migration background (“Migrationshintergrund” in German)
    • The women’s market will be the biggest opportunity in our lifetime! (source: BCG) – Women will control 75% of discretionary spending worldwide
  • Diverse teams perform best
    • That’s no surprise! What do you think works best: Having 10 men trying to sell to women or having a mixed team doing the same job?
  • 9.4% of the population is severely disabled so adapt your UX accordingly
    • You can use tools like the Chrome extension vision simulator No Coffee to put yourself in the shoes of visitors with vision problems


Offline ads with targeted content on outside panels by Wall Decaux

Michael Fritz showed how Wall Decaux adapts the ads on their outside panels, firing for example different ads based on the weather or the user targeting.

Wall Decaux

Marketing automation along the customer journey with Robin Heintze

Robin, CEO of the consulting agency More Fire showed plenty of insightful examples on how to automate your marketing according to your users all along the funnel. You can even download his presentation here.

Robin Heintze

  • Boost your ebook download with contextual advertising
    • Context is key, so while an ebook pop up led him to the usual 1-2% download rate on one website, an ebook advertised in context with Adwords led him to download rate of 22%.
  • Segment your audience in order to deliver targeted valuable content to each segment!
    • Tip: if you are in B2B, remove all gmail addresses as they won’t probably lead to any conversion
  • Email marketing automation works when content is relevant
    • You can even automate appointment booking with email marketing (and make it easy for people to book an appointment with calendar tool like Calendly).
  • His tips
    • Use a CRM
    • Provide fantastic content
    • Don’t start with too complex automation


Talking about logo design with Aaron Draplin

It is a bit weird to be at a marketing event, where lots of speakers are marketing professionals who know the importance of storytelling, but yet the only one who really captivated me with a story was a graphic designer! Besides being amazed by his graphic design skills (the guy has designed logos for Nike, Patagonia, the NASA, Obama,…), I was amazed by how someone that successful remains so genuine. His passion for graphic design and his personal values come out of all his sentences and examples. It was so inspiring that I even asked for a selfie and bought one of his field notes books! If you are interested into improving your design skills, he also offers online courses.

Aaron Drapplin Hello

  • Everything starts on paper (or of his fingers on a tablet in the middle of the night if he doesn’t want to wake up his girlfriend with noise, as for the following example)


Aaron Drapplin

Do you want a proof that telling your story sells? Beside being impressed by his work, I fell in love with Aaron’s values and directly bought his book after the presentation…and made a fan’s selfie (thing I rarely request!).


Optimizing conversion with Nils Kattau

Another very insightful presentation! Nils is definitely an expert in growth, UX and conversion! Check him out, as well as his online marketing e-learning platform The Digital Family.

Nils Kattau

His tips for conversion optimization:

  • Don’t only talk about feature
    • Use the complete formula Benefit + proof and explain how that feature is helping your customer.
  • The button color is not important: the contrast is!
  • Ask mum to optimize CRO
    • Show your website page for 10 seconds , do not explain anything about your service or product and then ask her these 3 questions:
      • What is the page about?
      • How is the offer good for you?
      • What should you do next?
  • Use a data-driven approach to find the right benefits
    • Use Hotjar (his affiliate link hotjar.nilskattau.com) to get qualitative and quantitative feedback from your visitors and
  • Stop using burger menu on mobile (or put it at least on the right side).
  • Get high on event tracking
    • Analyse all the steps through the customer journey on your website to understand how conversion could be improved

So here it is for my summary about the Marketing Underground event and what I think are going to be marketing trends in 2020.

Which marketing trends and which tips are you going to follow to boost your revenue in 2020?

I am sure I have only tackled a part of it with this summary, so I’d be curious to know which trend you think is missing in this summary?



Cadeaux de Noël: 5 idées de livres pour les entrepreneurs, indépendants et artistes autour de vous

Êtes-vous toujours à la recherche d’un cadeau de Noël original pour vos amis, votre partenaire ou votre famille? Sont-ils entrepreneurs, indépendants ou artistes?

Si c’est le cas, voici 5 livres qui m’ont récemment beaucoup aidé et que je recommanderais les yeux fermés si vous voulez leur faire un cadeau de Noël original!


Entrepreneurial You, par Dorie Clark

C’est l’un des derniers livres que j’ai lu et il m’a été super utile! Rempli de conseils pratiques et de succès décortiqués en étapes, il détaille les différentes procédures disponibles pour (mieux) gagner votre vie grâce à votre expertise ou votre talent. Très agréable à lire, chaque chapitre est dédié à une rentrée d’argent spécifique (devenir coach, devenir conférencier, lancer son podcast, vendre un cours en ligne,…). Recommandé pour toutes les personnes qui veulent se lancer comme entrepreneurs ou indépendants, ou pour ceux qui le sont déjà et cherchent de nouvelles méthodes pour augmenter leurs revenus.

entreprenarial you


Homo Deus, une brève histoire du futur, de Yuval Noah Harari

Ce livre, ou devrais-je dire encyclopédie de par son épaisseur, est la suite du fascinant best-seller Sapiens. Dans Sapiens, Harari analysait et expliquait comment nous, humains, étions arrivés à la civilisation et la société actuelle. Si vous ne l’avez pas lu, je vous le recommande à 100%! Mais pourquoi recommanderais-je Homo Deus aux entrepreneurs et aux artistes ? Car dans cette suite, Harari s’intéresse cette fois au futur de notre civilisation (je n’en dirai pas plus pour ne pas vous gâcher le plaisir de la découverte)… et si vous voulez créer une compagnie innovante ou si vous recherchez de l’inspiration en tant qu’artiste, ce bouquin vous aidera à comprendre et vous glisser dans le futur fou vers lequel nous nous dirigeons!

Homo deus french


Start with Why, de Simon Sinek

Ce livre et sa théorie a clairement changé ma vie! Il m’a aidé à définir qui je suis et quels étaient mes objectifs. C’est grâce à ce livre que j’ai décidé de nommer ma compagnie GT Impact et qu’une photo de la Terre et ce slogan sont affichés d’entrée de jeu sur mon site. La théorie de Simon aidera les entrepreneurs à identifier leur motivation profonde et leurs valeurs, ainsi qu’à développer une entreprise exaltante qui attirera beaucoup plus facilement de nouveaux employés et qui n’aura pas besoin de se vendre pour trouver des clients! Recommandé pour les leaders de demain et pour tous ceux qui veulent faire le premier pas et oser suivre leurs rêves les plus fous!

Start with why book


Steal like an artist, de Austin Kleon

Pour tous les artistes ou ceux qui ont besoin d’inspiration, ce petit bouquin est un INCONTOURNABLE! Il est très facile à lire, pas de blabla, mais seulement des conseils pratiques pour augmenter votre créativité. Il m’a beaucoup aidé à améliorer mon processus créatif: plusieurs nouvelles chansons pour mon groupe Lapwings sont nées grâce aux conseils de ce livre.

Steal like an artist


The Brain Audit, par Sean D’Souza

Si vous essayez de vendre un produit ou un service, c’est le livre parfait. Sean explique clairement comment développer une stratégie de vente efficace, en prenant en compte comment le cerveau humain fonctionne. C’est un super guide pour vous aider à attirer et à gagner plus de clients! Petit bonus: Sean rend la lecture très agréable à l’aide de dessins humoristiques très marrant e très parlant !

The brain audit



J’espère que cela vous aidera à offrir un cadeau original et à soutenir les entrepreneurs et artistes autour de vous, et je vous souhaite un joyeux Noël et d’excellentes fêtes de fin d’année!



Christmas gifts: my top 5 best books for entrepreneurs, freelancers and creatives

Are you still looking for an original Christmas gift for your beloved friend, your partner or your relatives? Is s.he an entrepreneur, a freelancer or a creative?

Here are 5 of the recent books that have truly helped me and that I would heartily recommend as a Christmas gift! 


Entrepreneurial You, by Dorie Clark

It is one of the last books I have read and I found it soooo useful! Filled with plenty of hands-on tips and broken down success stories, it details you how to proceed if you want to monetize your experience as a solopreneur, freelancer or creative. It is very easy to read and every chapter is dedicated to one specific channel (how to become a coach, to become a speaker, to build a following through podcasting, to create an online course,…).

entreprenarial you

Start with Why, by Simon Sinek

With his book and the theory behind it, Simon changed my life and helped me to define who I am and where I want to go. Simon is the reason why I named my company GT Impact and why my website starts with the Earth picture and my slogan. His theory will inspire and guide entrepreneurs to find out who they truly are, to attract the right people around them, and to grow a company that really inspires, converts and retains customers! Highly recommended to leaders who want to become even better leaders and to wanna-be entrepreneurs who need a little dose of inspiration to dare to follow their dreams!

Start with why book


Steal like an artist, from Austin Kleon

For all creatives around there, it is a MUST-HAVE! An inspiring guide to creativity in the digital age which comes with fantastic value for its price. It is quick and easy to read, no superflu or long waffle text, only useful tips to boost your creativity. It really helped me to improve my creative process and I have written a couple more songs for my band Lapwings since I read it.

Steal like an artist


The Brain Audit, by Sean D’Souza

If you are trying to sell a product or your services, this is the perfect book! Based on how our brain works, Sean explains extremely well and step by step how to convince your visitors or leads to buy what you want to sell. Special mention to his very funny cartoons that make it a pleasure to read!

The brain audit


Homo Deus, by Yuval Noah Harari

This is the sequel of the best seller and captivating book Sapiens. In Sapiens, Harari explained extremely well why and how humans and our society have evolved until now. The first book is a must-read for everyone. But why is Homo Deus a good book for entrepreneurs? Because Harari articulates a very clear vision of where we are going (I won’t say more, I don’t want to spoil it). So if you aspire to develop products in the future, or if you want to simply get ready for that insane future, then you should read it!

Homo Deus


I hope this will help you to show your love and support to one of the entrepreneurs, freelancers, or creatives out there, and I wish you a merry and joyful Christmas with your beloved ones!


Inspiring Employee Value Proposition examples to attract top talent in 2020

Let’s discuss two Employee Value Proposition examples used by inspiring companies to attract top talent from the Z- and Y-Generations.

I remember clearly when I had to hire my first team member at iMusician: I put enormous pressure on myself because I was afraid to not make the right decision, and it is indeed a rational fear: according to a study by Leadership IQ, 46% of newly-hired employees will fail within 18 months, while only 19% will achieve unequivocal success. And when you know that even an $8/hour employee can end up costing a company around $3,500 in turnover costs, both direct and indirect, you don’t want to fail that.

When reading a job ad, do you know that candidates spend an average of 49.7 seconds before dismissing a position as a poor fit, and 76.7 seconds with job ads that appeared to match their interests and skills?

Do you wanna have a piece of evidence?

In a similar time period in the same city (London), without a sponsored post, Spotify had 97 applications for a Director of Sales position, compared to 2 applicants for another software company with a similar position!

In consequence, if you want to attract candidates to your company, you have stand out and to be attractive already in your job post!

How can you do that? With your Employee Value Proposition!

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What is an Employee Value Proposition (EVP)?

An EVP is a set of associations and offerings provided by an organization in return for the skills, capabilities, and experiences an employee brings to the organization. To act as a key driver of talent attraction, engagement, and retention, an EVP must be unique, relevant and compelling.

In other words, an EVP explains why someone should work at your company and not at another one. 

If you want to be unique, your EVP should include your mission, your values, and attractive assets for the candidates.

In this article, I will first focus on the mission and the values.


Example of Employee Value Proposition: inspiring mission

Your mission is your why, it is what makes your company unique.

Follows Simon Sinek’s advice: always start with why and always describe your mission at the top of your job ad!

Here is the mission of ResearchGate, one of the previous inspiring companies I worked for:

“ResearchGate is here to connect the world of science and to make research open to all”

Their CEO started the company because he believed researchers should not have to pay to access scientific journals. This is a very bold mission, but ResearchGate grew very quickly and managed to attract a very talented team of passionate employees driven by that mission. The platform has now 15 million registered researchers and gathers more than 85% of all scientific papers published every year.


Example of Employee Value Proposition: inspiring values

Values are part of the “how” of your Employee Value Proposition. It is a clever way to end your job ads in order for candidates to understand what your culture looks like.

Here is for example what Spotify mentions in their job ads:

“At Spotify, we are proud to foster a workplace free from discrimination. We strongly believe that diversity of experience, perspectives, and background will lead to a better environment for our employees and a better product for our users and our creators.”

Guess who you attract with such a strong statement?

You attract open-minded people who care about others and who will thrive in a multicultural environment!


Creating and sharing a strong mission and values in your job post plays with the emotions of candidates. Consequently, it helps you attract people who share these values!

Your Employee Value Proposition can therefore act as a filter to attract the right candidates to your company.

Don’t neglect it, it will save you time and money on the recruiting process.

I see so many job posts describing everything the company requires from the candidate but not explaining what the company has to offer in exchange.

Candidates reading that kind of job post usually just swipe to the next post…

so don’t fall into that trap in 2020 and:

  • Start your job posts by explaining your mission
  • End your job posts by explaining your values (+ your exclusive assets that we will discuss in the following articles).


This is something that is always part of my strategy when I help clients to build their growth team.


Have you been sharing your mission and values in your job posts?

Which other parts of the Employee Value Proposition do you think are crucial to attract the right top talent to your company?

Home Organization Challenge In the Next 2 Weeks: The Ultimate Guide



If you’re anything like me, your home is always in a state of disarray. It’s not that you don’t try to keep things tidy, but somehow, life always seems to get in the way. العاب تكسب المال If you’re ready to finally get your home organized once and for all, then this challenge is for you!


For the next two weeks, we’re going to focus on decluttering and organizing one area of your home each day. By the end of the challenge, your entire home will be clean, organized, and most importantly, functional!


Are you ready to take on the challenge? Here’s what you need to do:


Day One:

Start with the entryway. This is the first and last place you see when you leave and enter your home, so it’s important to make sure it’s tidy. Take everything out of your coat closet and put away any seasonal items you won’t be needing. Wipe down all surfaces, including the floor. Then, put back only those items that you use regularly. Anything else can be donated or thrown away.


Day Two:

Move on to the living room. This is probably the most used room in your home, so it’s important to keep it clutter-free. Start by decluttering surfaces like end tables and coffee tables. You can do it by hiring house cleaning service in Georgia at www.castle-keepers.com/. Then, vacuum or sweep the floors and dust all surfaces. Finally, put away any toys or items that don’t belong in the living room.


Day Three:

The kitchen is next! Begin by decluttering the countertops and putting away any appliances that you don’t use on a regular basis. Wipe down all surfaces, including the stovetop, backsplash, and cabinets. كازينو888 Don’t forget to sweep and mop the floor as well. Once everything is clean and clear, you can begin organizing your cabinets and drawers.


Day Four:

It’s time to tackle the bedroom! Start by making the bed and putting away any clothes that are lying around. Then, declutter surfaces like nightstands and dressers. Vacuum or sweep the floors and dust all surfaces. Finally, put away any items that don’t belong in the bedroom. This includes things like work documents or electronic devices.


Day Five:

The bathroom is up next! Begin by decluttering the countertops and putting away any toiletries that you don’t use on a regular basis. Wipe down all surfaces, including the mirror, sink, and toilet. Don’t forget to sweep and mop the floor as well.

Once everything is clean and clear, you can begin organizing your cabinets and drawers.


Day Six:

The home office is next! Start by visiting housecleaningtucson.com and then decluttering your desk and putting away any paperwork that you don’t need. Wipe down all surfaces, including the computer screen and keyboard. Vacuum or sweep the floors and dust all surfaces. Finally, put away any office supplies that you don’t use on a regular basis. This includes things like extra pens and paper clips. لعب روليت مجاني


Day Seven:

The final room to tackle is the garage! This space can quickly become cluttered with tools, sports equipment, and other items that don’t belong inside your home. Begin by decluttering the entire space and throwing away any junk that you don’t need. Wipe down all surfaces, including the floors and walls.


Finally, organize everything into labeled storage bins so you can easily find what you need when you need it. Repeat the same process in the second week.


By the end of the two weeks, you’ll have a home that’s finally organized and ready for anything life throws your way. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

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